>UI002: Helping Over 150 Countries Through UX & Dev

Recently, I caught up with GlobalGiving Chief Product Officer Kevin Conroy. It was great to connect with Kevin, a fellow University of Maryland, College Park Computer Science alum. In this #MoreThanAnInterface video, I share a few key findings from our call. Watch it to find out what he said about:

- How their international (over 150 countries!) nonprofit approaches #crowdfunding - and makes sure donors actually get funded
- How to grow a team of empathetic software engineers and #UX people
- How to learn about users when they’re all over the world (a problem I love solving too!)

In my upcoming ebook, I describe how Kevin’s team approaches development and deployment (with continuous integration) from a user-centered perspective.

Want to see their live product for yourself? Check it out at http://globalgiving.org.