>UI003: Great Side Project Idea vs. Coder’s Block

What battles over your product’s UI and UX are worth fighting? And how can we help developers with great ideas overcome coder’s block? I spoke recently with a mobile developer in Northern Virginia - Amazon alumnus Pietro Rea - about this. In this new #MoreThanAnInterface episode, I share some key takeaways.

I was Pietro's go-to UX consultant while he was running Sweetpea Mobile, a boutique iOS app development agency in Northern Virginia.  We worked together on the DC Trails Hop On Hop Off Tours app, which is covered in my DC Trails case study.  This app is now available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

I'd always appreciate knowing about opportunities to partner with other development shops to provide UX design and/or user research services.  If that describes you, please contact me.