>UI001: Building a Solid v1 & Beyond


More Than an Interface (>UI) is a new video series where I talk with developers, UX professionals, and entrepreneurs about UX and development.

In this first episode, I summarize my findings from a Slack chat with one of my clients. 

He owns a social web startup and comes from a technical background, where he has worked in senior management at several tech businesses in Canada. 

He identified how the interplay between UX and development is different in several kinds of companies:

- “One-man bands” like his own startup
- Startups with a non-technical founder
- Small teams with product managers
- Larger companies with 100+ developers on staff

… and some challenges for teams when they have to do their own maintenance (including adding new features) for a product that had a UX effort behind it in v1.

There’s a lot of great insight in this conversation!