"The ebook" on UX for developers and dev shops comes out October 4th

My ebook, UX for Development Shops, is now written, formatted for your devices, and ready for release.  I’ll be releasing it 4 weeks from today, on October 4th.  And it’s only available through my website and my email list.

Why did I write UX for Development Shops?

Because users don’t care:

  • How skilled you (or your developers) are at development
  • What languages are in your tech stack
  • Whether something they need is possible in your tech stack
  • What cool features are years down your roadmap
  • What long list of existing features in your product will solve other people’s problems

Unless someone else is making them use your product against their will, they are in your product to achieve a goal or address a pain point - possibly more than one of each.

28 days from now, I’m releasing the guides that show you and your developers how to do this.

Plus these things:

  • How to evaluate your product from your users’ perspectives
  • How to incrementally improve your product’s UI and UX over time
  • How to specifically improve user retention and conversion rates
  • How to build a user-focused dev shop - with or without designers

There are separate editions for development shop owners (and dev managers) and developers who work on teams.

Here's what's in the free chapters:

Chapter 1

  • First impressions: Users aren't one big group.  In this example, I describe how 4 people will have different impressions and needs from the same product.
  • "Slap a UI on it": Creating a great technical solution and adding a UI as an afterthought later costs a lot more than you think.
  • The difficulty of good UI design: Your product lives within something much larger.  If you outsource UI work and call it "easy", your team will miss that.
  • Meanings of "intuitive":  This word shows up a lot in UI design discussions.  But it takes on different meanings to you and your users.
  • The dangers of "the user": "The user" falls short in many ways.  Beat opinion-driven design with a subtle shift in language.
  • Effective backstage work: Many developers spend most of their time on features that users never see.  That doesn't mean that you can't use that work to build good habits.

Chapter 2

  • Great design in the world around you: It goes farther back than you think.
  • The hacks that make development easier: You can apply what you're already doing in your dev job to improve your users' experience with your product.
  • Happy users vs. good products: It's great when users are happy!  Here's how you can build momentum off of that to keep growing your product and business.
  • Great design for enterprise products: No, being "the best among your competitors" isn't good enough.  Here's why - and how to beat that.
  • Remote-friendly problem solving: Most developers don't get to see their users in the field.  Fortunately, you can learn a lot about them from your desk.

Find out what edition is right for you and preorder it here:

-> UX for Development Shops

The whole ebook includes PDF, .mobi, and ePub formats.  There’s a 30% off preorder discount from now through October 3rd.  On October 4th, the price will go up.

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