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Chapter 1

  • First impressions: Users aren't one big group.  In this example, I describe how 4 people will have different impressions and needs from the same product.
  • "Slap a UI on it": Creating a great technical solution and adding a UI as an afterthought later costs a lot more than you think.
  • The difficulty of good UI design: Your product lives within something much larger.  If you outsource UI work and call it "easy", your team will miss that.
  • Meanings of "intuitive":  This word shows up a lot in UI design discussions.  But it takes on different meanings to you and your users.
  • The dangers of "the user": "The user" falls short in many ways.  Beat opinion-driven design with a subtle shift in language.
  • Effective backstage work: Many developers spend most of their time on features that users never see.  That doesn't mean that you can't use that work to build good habits.

Chapter 2

  • Great design in the world around you: It goes farther back than you think.
  • The hacks that make development easier: You can apply what you're already doing in your dev job to improve your users' experience with your product.
  • Happy users vs. good products: It's great when users are happy!  Here's how you can build momentum off of that to keep growing your product and business.
  • Great design for enterprise products: No, being "the best among your competitors" isn't good enough.  Here's why - and how to beat that.
  • Remote-friendly problem solving: Most developers don't get to see their users in the field.  Fortunately, you can learn a lot about them from your desk.

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