UX for Development Shops: Team Member Edition + Bonus Materials

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UX for Development Shops: Team Member Edition + Bonus Materials


UX for Development Shops: Team Member Edition helps members of software, web, or mobile development teams to become trusted collaborators who attract and retain users in their organizations' target markets, instead of purely feature-focused order takers.

This edition is primarily for individual developers who:

- Work for companies which make websites, mobile apps, or desktop software

- Have some say in discussions about new features, their product's user interface (UI), and/or their product's user experience (UX)


This edition has more tactical advice for improving UI, UX, and conversions. This ebook's Owner/Manager Edition is for anyone who runs a development shop (of one or more) or manages developers.


This includes these bonus materials:


- Advice for improving your product using UI guidelines (from third parties or your own)

- A detailed, step-by-step example showing how to move from survey results or interview notes to fully data-driven personas for driving the rest of your product's design

- A brief guide to doing your own visual design

- A step-by-step guide to conducting usability studies, including how to recruit the best participants, how to set up the most helpful tasks, what to pay attention to, and how to decide what to do next

- Sales page analysis for 33 programming languages, libraries, and bestselling consumer and business software products (U.S. $3300 value!)

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This download includes:

  • The ebook's Team Member Edition in PDF, ePub, and .mobi formats
  • The bonus materials in PDF format