Give your website, app, or software product’s next release
more staying power.

The late majority has arrived.  They’ll only use a user-friendly product - as they define it.

Consulting Services

Teardown with a Twist

Is your product losing users - or failing to attract them in the first place?  Does your e-commerce store have high cart abandonment?  Are your free SaaS customers not upgrading to paid plans?  Are you considering a redesign?  

Get realistic advice to boost your target audience’s conversions for 1/60th of the cost of a typical redesign.

Research & Design Demo

Do your stakeholders or users pull your product’s design in every possible direction?  Do they tend to request major UI changes right before or after release?  Does fixing one person’s UI bug just make someone else complain louder?  Do you not even know whether to ship an iOS app, Android app, desktop product, web app, or website?  

Make sense of it all, achieve better alignment with your stakeholders and users, and build a product your target audience loves.

Custom Strategy & Design Engagements

Do you have a difficult product problem that requires an iterative solution?  Are you unsure how to please very different users with the same product?  Does becoming your client’s trusted partner for these challenges require working with an expert longer-term?

Solve your clients’ and users’ real needs, move past being an “order taker”, and focus on the work you enjoy.



UX for Development Shops, Owner/Manager Edition (working title)
U.S. $49 (Preorder for 30% discount)

My upcoming ebook (currently in peer review) will help development agencies become trusted partners who release products that attract and retain users in their clients’ target markets, instead of order takers who build every requested feature that looks technically feasible.

An upcoming Team Member Edition will have just what your team members need to know to create better UIs for your users, customers, or clients.  Team license packages with enough copies for owners/managers and your team will also be available.